The First Annual Derby week red carpet event in 2017 for the Kentuckiana entertainment industry was a huge success.  225 of Louisville's top music industry professionals and a few regional special guests  from Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, New York and Indiana set sail during Derby week on 5-2-2017 for a 3 hour cruise aboard the lovely Belle of Louisville to enjoy entertainment, food and drinks as they networked, marketed themselves, learned and discussed problems facing the Louisville music industry. Since there were also t.v. and film people on board and these industries often work together, this year's Muse Cruise will be inviting people from all three industries to make the Muse Cruise the only annual derby week red carpet event for the entertainment industry. This year we plan to reach Belle capacity at 500 people from Kentucky, Indiana and beyond for networking bliss! Don't be left behind!


It is no secret, we have an amazing wealth of talent here.  It's about time we had an annual event in their honor and a Derby week event that shines the spotlight on the entertainment industry.

The Crew Behind The 2018 Muse Cruise

  • Wesley Allen was a chef most of his life until he decided to step out of the kitchen and open Eastwood Records in Louisville Ky and showcase the cities best musical talent.
    Wes Allen, CEO Eastwood Records, Founder of the Muse Cruise
  • Jessica Mathis, AKA Divinity Rose, is an award winning writer, performer, and producer who writes for and produces live events, programs, videos, and technology projects for marketing, entertainment and education.
    Jessica Mathis, CEO Roseblade Creative and Muse Cruise Event Coordinator
  • Dave Mattingly has been a deejay, rocket scientist, preacher, programmer, author, entrepreneur, and more. He still doesn't know what he wants to do when he grows up.
    Dave Mattingly
  • Jim Reskin is owner of the Marmaduke Building and continues to be an entrepreneur and real estate developer who has stumbled around the chaos and confusion of the music industry with the typical aplomb of someone who assumes it is easier than it looks. It isn't. But he drafted one of the meanest band agreements around...
    Jim Reskin, president of the South Fourth Street District Association, Co-developer Huge Music Studios
  • Glenn Whitfield is an arranger of things and constantly tries to find a way to do those things better. "What things?" you may ask – doesn’t matter. A lifelong lover of music, he has been an on-air announcer (commonly referred to as a Disc Jockey), and served as an assistant manager for a local band. With no God-given talent to play, he just admires those that can…
    Glenn Whitfield
  • Ben Browne has been a sales and marketing professional in the Louisville area for the better part of 16 years. Outside of the day to day grind, Ben has been in performing arts for over 30 years. With 20+ years experience in musical theater, he has been a member of three bands over the last 10 years and is most recently back on the scene performing in acoustic shows through out the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas.
    Ben Browne
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